Strategic Reasoning and Political Beliefs

Social Commitment and Civil Debates

Mannheim Forum

Baden-Württemberg, March 2023


Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo
Armin von Falkenhayn, Country Executive for Germany, Bank of America
Katarina Barley, Vice President of the European Parliament
Pedro Silva Pereira, Vicepresident of the European Parliament
Céline Göhlich, CO-Founder of Everyone Energy

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Model United Nations Frankfurt

Hessen, March 2023

Representing the Republic of Malta in Interpol

Model United Nations simulates it’s big brothers procedures. This year, it was my privilege to meet with hundreds of youths from all over the world that are interested in international geopolitics and diplomacy.

In Interpol, one of the expert-level organs of the event, we focused on streamlining international actions against human slavery for four entire days.
Malta initiated both draft papers, one of which won the majority of the council. We identified missing ressources, particullary in developing nations to fund adequat law enforement as one of the main issues behind both terrorism and human slavery. Maltas initiatives were built upon formatting an international team of experts, setting up full-scale law enforement funds and international share of intelligence. Strategic partnerships made the great success of both proposals possible.
Beyond diplomacy, I have always been excited about making new friends and having inspiring conversations!

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Debate on School Education Reforms

Hamburg, July 2022

About the occasion of the debate: Ties Rabe, Hamburg’s Senator for Schools and Vocational Education, proposes new educational reforms that might reshape schooling for an upcoming decade.

The local authorities reforms towards eduction are driven by the need of hightening value of final degrees by raising levels of difficulty and effort for meeting expectation for reception.

This includes mandatory increasement of written exams, the demolishment of any kind of examination substitution, and retention of frontal teaching. Meanwhile, educational curricula, within the branch of natural sciences in particular, are being expanded in quantity.

About the reasons behind resistance of university groups, proposed solutions and strategies for implementation of change.

The resistance is a reaction to various unpopular changes introduced by the educational reform, such as overweightening written exams, static calculation of marks, underrepresented changes imposed by digitalization and banning participation in competitions as exam substitutes.

We clearly point out to the press that greater quantity of written exams increases representability, this is not an adequate approach for improving the written performance itself.

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Barbecue Next to the Elphilharmony (SPD)

Hamburg, June 2022

There is always much debate among young politicians. But sometimes it’s just better spending a relaxed evening together. That’s exactly what we did on a beautiful roof terrace right next to the Elphilharmonie! Despite the questionable weather, the atmosphere was fantastic and full of inspiring conversations!

Youth Network Event (SPD)

Hamburg, September 2021

About the guests in attendance and their impact.

The event, organized by Axel Osadolor, got prominently attended.

Peter Tschenscher, Hamburg’s mayor and president of the Bundesrat of Germany answered the questions of the young attendees and took a stand on numerous topics.

Falko Droßmann is a delegate of the Bundestag, representing his constituency from Hamburg. Moreover, he is member of the German government’s Subcommittee on Disarmament, Arms Control and Nuclear Non-Proliferation. Falko was also formerly a lieutenant colonel in the German Armed Forces Air Force.

Davis Zöllner is co-founder of MyTaag, a startup working on digitizing business cards. The first capital got in from billionaire and star investor Carsten Maschmeyer in the framework of the German reality-show “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

About the schedule and importance of such events.

The evening was defined by a mixture of both academic lectures and entertaining interludes. Taking part under the shadow of imminent German parliamentary elections in 2021, topics such as chineese harbour-investments, corona-mandates and rising inflation got broudly discussed.

The event was a valuable opportunity for us, a group that is distinctly underrepresented in elections, to openly and directly ask questions to actual influential politicians holding responsibility.

But overall most importantly: social networking. For many, myself included, this was their entry to the social democratic party. Note, though, the event received visitors from all parties.

I generally enjoy open exchange and seeking out opportunities for civil debate. Within this frame, the event was a highly valuable occasions.