Jesper Eggers

Developer and Student.

This is me

All-in on Computer Science.
Currently studying in Heidelberg.


Student Research Project

Innovating Capacitive Tools for Human Cell Analysis

young-leaders Academy

Panel for Debating International Challenges

Award-Winning Series

Understanding Microplastics Impact on Ecosystems


Curriculum Vitae


Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany

President of Heidelberg's Academic Investment Club

Sustainable asset management affects each and every one of us. Democratization of knowledge is my mission at Heidelbergs Academic Investment Club (Initiative Wertpapier Heidelberg e.V.). Prestigious partnerships, such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, help us thrive better together.



Student at Harvard Cs50x

I recently joined the Harvard CS50x's international community of talented students. The goal is broading my network and computer science-related set of skills and achieving a record of knowledge.


Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany

Student at Heidelberg University

Heidelberg is one of Germany's most elite universities and a lovely city! I'm studying computer science and shooting my shot for the master's degree.


Niedersachsen, Germany


I have years of experience with game development, programming efficient algorithms and advanced data analysis tools. Dozens of clients from all over the world have already valued my service. I accept new orders on personal request.


Hamburg, Germany

Student at Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium

As elected representative, I contributed to keeping our school community together, volunteered to organize fundraisers, and successfully balanced the interest of teachers and students. My degree is at A-level and my achievements got honored with the MINT-EC certificate at highest achievable tier (excellence).